Let's find out what have happened to Peter while he had amazing time out with one of Escorts Girls in London...

Date 29/06/2020

Peter Connelly had so many secrets and one was the fact that he wasn’t who he told everyone he was. It wasn’t hard posing as Charles Miles or getting into the hotel on the ship either. He was just glad he did or he would not have met the escort girl named Beth Winderston. He remembered the real Charles Miles’s words clearly.


“Just keep a straight face. Don’t do anything that would make anyone notice you. Most of them don’t know what I look like and you look like me a lot they won’t even care.”


It was simple – become Charles Miles for only thirty minutes, grab the briefcase and leave the party as soon as possible. Charles, on his own, was somewhere in London trying to hunt down the Hacker. Peter had his eyes on the briefcase throughout. Will Parker, the man they were going to rob, seemed to have instructed his burly-built bodyguard to carry it everywhere he went.


However, Charles had told him the right time to go for the briefcase. It was during the dance. Will would tell his bodyguard to keep it with a waiter and go inside the hotel to meet the drug lord. Everyone knew Will was a very cunning man. He was probably going to deceive the drug lord by giving him another briefcase filled with fake diamonds. All was going on fine until he met Beth, the escort girl sent by one of the London escort agencies to be with Charles for the night.


“The escort girl isn’t going to be a problem. Just ignore her. I didn’t even pay much. You know, those cheap escorts in London,” Charles had said.


Peter wished he’d been right. Beth was a huge problem for him. He’d been watching Will Parker’s bodyguard closely when someone said beside him, “You must be Charles Miles.”


It turned out to be a very attractive woman in tight-fitting gown, smiling warmly at him as though they’d met somewhere before and she’d liked him then. Beth had curly brown hair that settled on her shoulders and evident feminine curves that made him want to pull her close and feel her body against his. He couldn’t even get his eyes off her sexy lips.


“Ermm…,” Peter found himself stuttering, gathered himself and said, “Yes, I am. I am Charles Miles.”


“Beth Winderston,” She introduced herself, “I’m from the escort agency, an independent escort agency which I guess you already know about. One thing is that my agency does not disappoint. I am here to make your night unforgettable but which I guess I’m starting to ruin by talking too much,” She added and let out a laugh.


She was talking too much but he liked it. Something told him that he should continue watching Will Parker and the briefcase but Beth Winderston was now in front of him and the mission didn’t seem to interest him anymore.


“You’re good,” was all he could bring himself to say although he had a lot of things he wanted to say to her.


Beth blushed, “Thank you. Considering we just met, thank you.”


“You’re welcome,” Peter answered.


He wanted to slap himself. Why was he acting like she’d cast a spell on him? Why couldn’t he find the right words to say in front of this escort girl?


“I don’t know if this is soon enough but would you give me a 5-star review when you’re giving the report back to the agency? Especially Michael?” Beth was asking.


Peter didn’t know who Michael was but he knew he had to be working for the agency and Beth was trying to impress him or possibly get a promotion. He didn’t know how these agencies worked but he felt Beth deserved more. Maybe he could talk to Richard and he could make her one of his models because she definitely had the look of one.


“Of course. If I could give a 10-star review, I would,” That was corny but it made Beth laugh and it impressed her at the same time.


“You really are a nice man, Mr. Miles.”


Peter smiled and stared at his shoes, unsure of what to say. The silence was awkward. This was not new to him. Peter had never actually learned how to talk to a girl, especially a pretty girl. His mind drifted to one time he’d met Frena Mayor, a movie actress and one of his childhood crushes. Peter had always been dreaming of the day he’d meet her and how he’d tell her funny things that would make her laugh. He hardly spoke two words when they met!


“Ermm, I think this is the part where you ask me to dance with you,” Beth broke the silence.


True! When he looked up, people were already moving to the dance floor. That was when he remembered the briefcase. Sure enough, Will Parker was handing it over to a lanky waiter who seemed pleased to be keeping something belonging to the man. This was the opportunity he’d been looking for all night. The only problem was Beth. She was searching his face, hoping to know why he looked distracted. He couldn’t afford her knowing why he was here.


“If anyone finds out why you’re there, we are in deep shit!” Charles Miles’s words rang in his ears.


“Mr. Miles?” Beth called again, now worried.


“Ah, yes, the dance.”


Peter couldn’t dance. He sucked at dancing. He’d never learned how to dance and wasn’t prepared to. Charles, on the other hand, knew how to. Most of his dates knew him for that. Dancing being part of Charles’s skills was something Peter knew the escort agency would have told Beth. What if he ended up embarrassing himself and she figured out he wasn’t Charles at all?


“You’re to take my hand,” Beth said and held out her right hand.


Peter took it and hoped she couldn’t feel him quivering. Charles should have planned this very well! He should have even cancelled his contract with the escort agency.


“Shall we?” Beth asked.


“Of course!”


Then he led her to the dance floor. Peter Connelly knew he was in deep shit.