Robyn story to become an escort and fun journey to Australia

Date 28/05/2020

Robyn woke up around 7:30 am in the morning, which is quite strange as she is a heavy sleeper. The rising sun peeped through the opening in her window through her curtain, few minutes into the day and it already feels like a good day, probably one of her best yet. She turned around to get away from her bed and a picture of her smiling grandmother was staring at her, Mama, as she often call her is the love of her life, she took Robyn in after Robyn's mother who was her daughter died, since then she has been doing all she can to take care of Robyn.

Sadly, things stopped being so smooth between them when Robyn informed her grandmother of her intention to work as an escort girl, Robyn pretty much expected the reaction she got from her old fashioned grandma who is also a "deep Christian" but she was shocked nonetheless, her grandmother went a little too far by calling her names and threatening to disown her, she clearly has a  very wrong opinion about escort girls and Robyn is determined to change that.

"I am not any of those things she said, I am only a great conversationalist and I am a great company to have around, so all I am doing is to make money from what I am a natural at and also enjoy some good life too," Robyn thought to herself.

She moved closer to the shelf on her bedside and grabbed her grandmother's picture,  despite their las fight, she still feels the same way about her old woman, she moves her hands affectionately across the picture and acknowledges their resemblance in her mind, Robyn has the same eyes and nose as her beloved grandmother and they smile the same way.

"I promise you, I will remain the good girl you want me to be, don't worry much about me, I'll be fine living the expensive and good life for the next few days while doing my thang," Robyn said, talking to the picture as though her grandmother emerged from it and sat beside her.

Finally breaking away from the drama in her life, Robyn felt a leap of excitement within her, butterflies rushed out of their cage in her stomach as she thought about the events ahead and the promised adventures, it's the reason why she woke up so early, she is working as an escort girl for the very first time today!

Her friend, Michelle told her about the escort agency and independent escort advertising last month and after visiting their website and listening to Michelle's mouthwatering stories, Robyn knew this is what she has always wanted to do. And not long after her registration, she got assigned to be a high-class escort. Robyn moved aimlessly around her tiny apartment for a while before deciding it's time to swing into action and begin preparation for her trip. She played her favorite song on her small stereo, increased the volume, and danced into the bathroom, she came out in no time.

By 10:45 am, Robyn was fully dressed and ready, but she is almost late now and will have to hurry down to the agency building, she didn't understand how she woke up so early and ended up hurrying, in the next fifteen minutes she was in a bus, nervous and excited at the same thing, she has no idea where she'll be spending the night and who her partner is going to be or what he or she will look like, but she's sure this might just be her best day yet in the whole of her life.

At the escort agency office, Robyn became a celebrity in no time, the moment she pushed the door open, a lot of eyes turned to her, and seeing how beautiful she looked in her red velvet gown that displayed her nice body shape, the eyes refused to turn away and fixed their gaze, a very shy Robyn almost tripped with anxiety, she collected herself and continued her walk down the red carpet, and the compliments started pouring in from every corner of the hall,

"You look gorgeous" "you are breathtakingly beautiful" "you look like a promise fulfilled"

Robyn replied all with a very shy and sheepish smile and mouthed thank you.

Finally, Robyn walked into the manager's office and the middle-aged woman pointed to a chair before Robyn, gesturing to her to have her seat without looking up. Shortly after she informed Robyn that her client will be walking in no time, Robyn sat and waited patiently, not speaking unless she was asked questions, while waiting she looked around the office and the workspace is indeed beautiful it showcases the wealth in the business, the furniture are top-notch and the ever interior decoration confirms the assumption that it must have been done by an expert.

Shortly after, a well-groomed young man, most likely in his early thirties walks into the office, his lips immediately parted into a smile when Robyn turned around to look at him, Robyn found this weird but tried not to show her shock, the man came closer and Robyn could not stop herself from staring at him, he looks so handsome with his nicely shaped chin and well-trimmed beards, the man sat on the chair next to her, and before the manager started talking, he told Robyn that she smells nice. The manager introduced the young man to Robyn as her client his name is Jason they will be going on a 3-days trip to Australia.  Robyn knows Australia, at least from the tv shows and books but she has never been there,

"Are we going right now?" Robyn asked innocently

"Yes of course," the manager said

"I'm so sorry but I didn't prepare for a 3-days journey to Australia and I might need to go back home for a bit," Robyn said

Jason laughed before talking and Robyn felt embarrassed

"It's okay, you can come this way, I'll take you shopping and you can buy whatever it is you want and need, how about that?"

"Oh okay," Robyn said shyly.

The duo left the office together and Jason went stop doing a lot of gentleman stuff like opening the door for Robyn, telling her to be careful repeatedly and continuously watching out for her, all these felt a bit strange for Robyn but she's definitely enjoying it and she already thinks Jason is sweet. He took her to the mall as promised and was actively involved in her clothes selection as he wouldn't stop suggesting nice and expensive stuff to her.  Jason took it upon himself to act as her cheerleader and he wont stop wowing every time Robyn tries different clothes on, he is very funny, and Robyn was comfortable with him in no time. After the shopping the two hopped into Jason's car and made their way to the airport, they'll be boarding Jason's private jet so there is no need to hurry, Robyn couldn't believe her world, how can a stranger be so nice and fun, "I will definitely do this over and over again" she thought, then it occurred to her to ask Jason why he needs an escort in the first place seeing how rich and good he is, he could have gotten anyone to come with him,

"My wife just left me after I caught her cheating, and I have been living a quite busy life so I don't know a lot of people, someone mentioned the escort agency to me and I decided to try it out, I just want to have fun and forget my troubles" Jason replied.

"Oh I am very sorry about your wife, don't worry you're in the right arms now," Robyn said giggling.

They got to the airport in no time and they were welcome by two bodyguards who walked them into Jason's jet, it was Robyn's first time in a brief jet and she couldn't stop herself from gushing and talking about how awesome she thinks it is. Robyn had a tip of the luxury she's about to experience in the next three days when she had lunch in the jet, the table appeared with a push of a button and the air hostess appeared after a single clap, it felt like Royalty and Robyn felt like a queen.

Robyn and Jason were chit-chatting when the air hostess announced their arrival in Australia, being a different time zone, it was night in Australia and they decided to save their tour till tomorrow and just go to a hotel to have dinner and sleep. Jason the magician ordered an uber and asked that the driver takes them to the best hotel around, but the driver took them to the best hotel in the world, the hotel was so big and the interior decoration was breathtaking, when they sat down for dinner, Jason insisted that they try everything on the menu out of curiosity especially the expensive ones and they did. When they have had enough Jason ordered two-room and the duo went into sleep.

The next 3 days were indeed Robyn's best, the did a lot of fun things in Australia, visited the beaches, went scuba diving, they went to the Aboriginal culture park, and went on a 4-wheel-driving adventure.  During all of these Jason kept being a gentleman and Robyn made sure she's the best escort anyone could ask for.