Hot Erotic Fancy Massage: How Do You Know Which Massage To Pick?

When you envision an erotic and relaxing massage, how do you know which one will be best for you and how to choose one before you start researching massage ads? Therefore, solving all your concerns, through this article, you will be able to understand very well what would be the best massage for you. You can choose a good, relaxing, and hot erotic massage for yourself by knowing about the features of the message attached below.

Indian Massage

The Indian subcontinent has gained fame for its Vedic and natural remedies since ancient times. The major traditional medicine systems in India and the Indian subcontinents are Ayurveda and Unani. Both of these major systems are treated with herbs, and both of these systems consider massage an important part of life. It is therefore a means of preventing disease, increasing immunity to fight disease, improving circulation, and achieving physical and spiritual harmony. According to both these healing systems and systems, all living organisms are defined by fluctuations in vital energies known as senses of humor. According to the mythological epics of India and the experts who studied them, each comic consists of a combination of five essential elements: ether, air, fire, water, and earth. And all treatments and massages are aimed at bringing these life forces into harmony. According to their experts, if the humor is out of balance, the flow of prana, the invisible life energy that enters the body through food and breath, will hinder the smooth functioning of many body parts.


Most Indian massages involve working with natural herbs and acupressure points, and it has also been accepted by researchers all over the world that the Himalayas and its lowlands present in the Indian subcontinent are a storehouse of innumerable herbs that can be effective in the treatment of any disease, many such herbs are still waiting for research. According to their experts, there are 107 points in the body, and stimulating these points with various massage techniques is believed to affect the internal organs and systems of the body. Which activates your erotic zone.

Shiatsu or Japanese Massage

As the name suggests, this massage system developed in Japan and has also originated and used in traditional Chinese medicine. Shiatsu,- literally translates as finger pressure. It is based on the Eastern theory that the energy of life flows through longitudinal meridians in the body. And its purpose is to exert pressure to influence the flow along these meridians, which is to maintain the balance of harmony and good health. This massage may have originated in Japan, but today experts from all over the world have given it a special place, especially natural healers, through this massage, you will get comfortable and relaxed. It improves blood circulation, especially around your genital areas, and gives you a wonderful erotic experience.

Swedish Massage

This massage is the invention of Swede Peter Heinrich. He used his knowledge of the subject of physiology to develop a system of treatment that combined massage with physical exercise. And it became famous as a Swedish massage. Its purpose is to restore good health and to stimulate the organs, by careful manipulation of the muscles and joints. And it also activates your erotic zone, which rapidly improves blood circulation to your sense organs.

Chinese Massage

Asia has always believed in natural and traditional medicine, with massage being the mainstay of their treatment. And the same traditional Eastern medicine is based on the belief that life energy flows along the body’s channels or meridians. In traditional Chinese medicine, this energy is known as chi. And according to him the aim of all treatments and massages is to create an uninterrupted flow of chi in the body, thereby promoting harmony, well-being, and erotic sensations.


According to their experts, there are 12 regular meridians, and each affects a major organ and its associated functions, while two other meridians trace the midline of the front of the body, the ren (conception vessel), and the back of the body- Called Doo (Internal Vessel). In a healthy person, chi is balanced between opposite but complementary qualities yin and yang, according to them yin- symbolizes darkness, stability, cold, and passivity.  and yang- symbolizes light, heat, activity, and movement. Yin meridians run along with the inner parts of the forearm, abdomen, arms, and legs. So, the yang meridians run mainly on the back of the body and along the outer edges of the arms and legs. Therefore, an erotic massage will balance the left and right sides, up and down, and front and back into a harmonious energetic whole body.

MLD: Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This massage method has been developed by a Danish therapist couple. It is mainly the legacy of Dr. Emil Vodder and his physician wife Estrid from the 1930s. They found in their research that gentle moving and stroking of the skin certainly stimulates the lymphatic system and improves congestive conditions. And after this discovery, he developed a system of whole-body healing. This massage and treatment method manual lymphatic drainage has many implications, from self-help for minor swelling to professional treatment of chronic edema. The lymphatic system, in particular, consists of a wide range of lymph nodes connected to the lymph vessels that pick up and expel debris, waste products, and toxins from the body’s connective tissue. According to him, these nodes appear in clusters mainly around the neck, armpits, and groin, and they contain white blood cells that help fight infection by filtering out bacteria because lymph is a watery fluid that passes through the nodes. And healthy connective tissue protects and nourishes every cell in the body. But when the tissues clump together, there is difficulty in nourishing the cells and passing waste products into the bloodstream. And when MLD stimulates the lymphatic system, it reverses the accumulated tissue, and then the body functions more healthily, and the immune system is stronger, along with this, blood circulation starts in those organs which become sensitive and erotic places.

Thai massage

As mentioned above, natural and traditional medicine practices are practiced in many parts of Asia, and they mainly include massage. And among the main points described in Thai massage, good health depends on the balanced flow of life energy called prana through an invisible network of channels in the body, these channels are called sen lines in the Thai language, they are similar to Chinese meridians. According to experts, of the 71,000 sen lines of the body, ten are the most important in Thai massage.


A Thai massage seeks to achieve the right energy balance by drawing sen lines, using the hands, feet, and elbows to apply pressure to key points along with them. According to him, the belief is that the physical body is the vehicle through which we can reach the body emotionally or mentally. The special thing about this is that the masseur traditionally massages you in a meditative mood, he starts with a prayer and works with full awareness and attention, you can intuitively guess from his movements during that time. That’s how special she is.

Head massage

This massage is very popular not only in the whole East but now all over the world and has attracted the attention of people very fast. Most barbers or masseurs in India, Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand, and Turkey will do a head (scalp) message exclusively. It uses a method called shampoo, and the word shampoo means to press or rub. They believe that all your erogenous zones are connected to the brain itself, and those erogenous zones are activated through different parts of the brain. This ten-minute massage feels quite energizing.

Reflexology Treatment Or Massage

There is another message based on this principle that affects the internal organs and bodily systems by applying pressure to specific areas of the feet, the palms and fingers, and the ears, And this promotes good health and activation of your sensual organs. It developed from the research of Dr. William H. Fitzgerald, a famous American ear/nose/throat surgeon. He became interested in energy lines, and the theory of meridians developed zone therapy around 1913 and continued to pursue his research. A reflexology treatment is usually extremely relaxing, and most people not only enjoy massaging their feet, rather, stimulating the extensive nerve endings in the feet is beneficial in itself and can have a profound effect on the whole body. It stimulates the nerves, especially around your ears and throat, and increases the flow of hormones that are directly responsible for your sexuality.

Moroccan Massage

As the name suggests, it was developed by a Moroccan specialist. In this massage method, the whole body is acted for only 15 minutes, it mainly consists of vigorous stroking massage. And because of this the force of the stroke forces the body and mind to move to a particular place and is therefore useful for reviving the quick and hyperactive people as well, It stimulates the nervous system around your genitals. And it is believed by experts that long-term erotic action can be achieved through this massage.



With all the above massage methods, you will be able to understand what is better for you, and which massage you should go with. If you only dream of physical relaxation, then you should adopt massages that can relax the muscles of your body. And if you are looking for an erotic massage, then choose the one that activates the erogenous zones in your body, and takes you to the endless limits of eroticism through erotic massage.