Adverts Guide

1.  Your ad's publication

As you know Featured ads always shown at the top of the page/list till expiry so Bump Ad option is best for regular/free ads.

Bump Ad: When a user post an ad, Then after some time/days that ad will be goes on second page or down, And that user want to show that ad again on top of the list, Then User can use Bump Ad option, So Bump means that will be update to Current date & time, And again That ad will be come at the top of this list.

When more ads will comes then that ad will again goes to down.

Bump Ad mean , User can show his/her ad at the top of the list when ad will be goes to down.

For more help you can watch this video.

To publish your ad is free but we charge a fee for promotion of your advert-bump ups. You can choose how many times a day (from 1 to 12  times a day)  you want your ad to be automatically bumped up on top of the list.

The following table summarises the costs for our various “bump-ups” packages. The is price is per ad per day (this means you can purchase any of the available packages for 1 advert and system will bump up automatically from 1 to 12  times a day:

Bump-ups price:

1 Bump-up: £2
2 Bump-up: £3
3 Bump-up: £4
4 Bump-up: £5
5 Bump-up: £6
6 Bump-up: £7
7 Bump-up: £8
8 Bump-up: £9
9 Bump-up: £10
10 Bump-up: £11
11 Bump-up: £12
12 Bump-up: £13

Your ad will remain active on Rouge Boulevard for the duration of 1 month and will be deleted automatically if it becomes inactive (if the user does not seek further promotion)

Before your ad expires, you will have the opportunity to renew it from your account. We also send you link with options to promote it.

2. Front page side banners.

Banner advertising is part of the Rouge Boulevard 'Premier Banner advert for agencies', which includes a 160 × 250 a banner listing on one of the pages on the site.

Agencies can purchase it from their account, or if it all slots are sold out, send request to the Rouge Boulevard team for slot reservation when it becomes available.

Prices for banner advertising is:

1 month
3 month
6 month

Why to choose us: